Brilliant classes. Really get the core strengthened & you find yourself tucking your tummy in at random times throughout the day. Tracy’s voice in your head “hoooold the belly in” & you find yourself arranging your posture. Feel brilliant after each class & feel the work in all the muscles you didn’t know you had!

Janet Lavayssiere
8 June 2019

I’ve done a 6 week course of Pilates with Tracy and I’m a convert! My core is stronger and I’m hardly noticing my niggling back issues any more. Tracy’s classes are effective and fun. The studio has been done out beautifully, a really lovely space to be in. Highly recommended.

Gabrielle O’Hare
01 June 2019

Love it. Tracy is amazing and studio is fantastic. This is the only class I’ve ever stuck with and I’ve been going for over 2 years now. Would defo recommend.

Lisa Fetherston
19 March 2019

Absolutely loving my Monday night sessions! Actually look forward to them – thank you Tracy! 💪🏼☺️

Lisa Barrow
20 March 2019

1st class yesterday , I’m hooked !!! love it 💕

Claire Sugar
28 February 2019