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Subscribe to our Pilates exercise videos and watch bespoke Pilates exercise videos tailored to suit people with different levels of Pilates experience

New videos are added each week and you can watch the videos as many times as you like at a time that suits you

Watch videos that target specific parts of the body such as your abdominals, your back, your arms and your legs

Access videos with shorter durations if you are short on time or exercise to longer videos for a prolongued and more involved workout

£20 / month

Videos with discount

You can subscribe to our Pilates exercise videos for a discounted rate if you attend a weekly online class via Zoom

Revisit the exercises that you complete in your weekly class to enhance your practice

Strenghten your body and enhance your understanding of Pilates by practising more than once a week at your own leisure

Practice the exercises that you find more challenging and learn to get the best out of the Pilates equipment that we use regularly in class

£15 / month

Here is an example of a short exercise video for beginners demonstrating the Pilates bridge, an exercise that strengthens, stabilises and mobilises the body all at the same time.

Bridging strengthens the posterior chain of the body, which means the glutes, hamstrings and spine erectors. It also increases hip flexor length and improves hip extension.