Heel slide and rib cage closure

Heel slide and rib cage closure

Going back to basics with heel slide and rib cage closure using the ball and weights. It’s all about the ribs and it might look easy but it isn’t! Try keeping your ribs down spine and pelvis still and stable, connected through the centre.

Playing with the Corkscrew

The Corkscrew

The Corkscrew offers a great challenge for shoulder stability and abdominal work as you rotate the legs opposite a still, calm upper body. It really improves shoulder stability. A classical Pilates mat exercise, the corkscrew is generally considered to be an intermediate-level exercise, but can be intensified to become an advanced exercise.

Monday’s moves

Roll down

In this collection of moves I roll down into the cat followed by child’s pose. Repeat as many as you like. It won’t take long and is a gorgeous way to start or end your day.

The Pilates roll over

Pilates roll over

The Pilates roll over is an excellent core strengthening exercise. Exhale and lift your legs slightly, tilting your pelvis backward. Reach your legs up and over your head. Keep your hands pressed down on the mat and end with your feet and legs parallel to the ground. Exhale and slowly lower your legs back to the 90-degree position, placing one vertebra at a time onto the mat.